Questions… Answered. (Day 3)

Lots of questions were asked. Thank you all.

As promised, here are my answers. I’ve divided these up, and will post them over the next few days. The first three were answered here, and the next three here. Here’s the next three questions that were asked.

May I have this dance?

asked by ascottfalk

Yes. I’m not using it.

Seriously, I’m not. I have the rhythm and balance of a cat after a spin cycle in the washing machine. It’s tragic. People tend to think I’m having a seizure.

What is it like being a gay man/couple in Arkansas? My northern bias says it must be difficult. Even in Connecticut, one of the more “progressive” states, we still have our share of small minded assholes. I hope this question doesn’t make me look like a Yankee snob.

asked by John from BardVern

We have a plethora of small-minded assholes in Arkansas to be sure. Northwest Arkansas—where we live—is a little more, er, progressive an area than most of the rest of the state. This is due in large part to the Walmart Homeoffice being located here which does bring people in from all over the country and world. Still, there are plenty of bigoted rednecks and “Christian” churches in this area. At least one on every corner, more so than Walgreens and Starbucks!

Most of the Husbear’s salon clients know he’s a big ‘mo. If one of my tattoo client’s asks, I don’t hide it. And while we don’t hide our being gay when asked, we typically don’t hold hands or kiss in public either. We’d like to, but being dragged behind a pickup truck really isn’t the way either of us want to go out.

What’s your favorite day of the week, and why?

asked by Cubby from Patently Queer

Hmm… I guess I’d say Monday. I’m off work that day, so the Husbear and I usually do some stuffs together. And then I usually get to go have beverages with my buddy Mike in the evening. It makes for a good day!

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