Questions… Answered. (Day 5)

Lots of questions were asked. Thank you all.

As promised, here are my answers. I’ve divided these up, and have been posting them here, here, here, and here. Here are the next three:

Have you ever declined to work on a tattoo?

asked by Greg from A Life in the Day

Yes. There have been several. I won’t tattoo on someone’s neck or face, unless they already have an existing tattoo in that general location (there are some exceptions to that rule). There have also been several questionable and offensive tattoos that I have declined to do.

When are you going to answer the above questions?
Just kidding. I have 50 minutes till the weekend and I’m feeling a wee bit snarky.

Oh! Here’s one!

“What’s a nice boy like you, doing on a blog like this?”

(still snarky…you and the huzzbear have a great weekend now, ya hear?!)

asked by Drew

I tend to get around… 😉

Top, bottom, vers?

asked by Durban Bud from Durban Bud

Bottom. Bottom. Bottom.

Until next time...

4 thoughts on “Questions… Answered. (Day 5)

  1. In college, I went with some friends to get a tattoo at this place called ‘Hog Heaven’.  The folks who worked there looked like ZZ Top rejects and that they would kill your grandmother for $7.00.  Yet, they refused to give me a tattoo bc I was drunk.  LOL.

    1. Several good reasons for that:

      • Impared judgment could lead to a poor tattoo choice on your part;
      • Some people tend to get rather unruly when they’ve been beveraging. Kind of like the people I had to toss out of my studio Saturday morning;
      • Alcohol thins the blood, which causes you to bleed more, which pushes out the ink we’re trying to leave in your skin.


      As far as looking like ZZ Top and wanting to kill your grandmother, those I can’t attest to. 😉

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