Random Music I Love

Take away my gay card. Seriously. I LOVE this version so much more than the original by Donna Summer.

“I Feel Love” as covered by the Blue Man Group, featuring the incredible Venus Hum:

I want that dress she’s wearing. But in underwear form.

Here’s another cover by BMG that I love: “Baba O’Riley” from The Who.

I think my piano teacher would have shit herself if I would have done that to the piano. I should have.

I have always loved the sound PVC pipes make when you hit them. As a kid, my father had spare PVC pipe laying around (it was used for irrigation in the nursery).

I’m fairly certain I never did anything as creative as this kid has though.

It’s a Lady Gaga Medley.

You should go check out more of his work on his YouTube channel. He’s got some seriously mad skills.

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4 thoughts on “Random Music I Love

  1. Love those two Blue Man Group songs. I have about 30 versions of I feel love covers.

    Oh, and do you know how hard it is to play those pipes with those foam paddles??? You really have to keepthe paddles flat or it doesn’t resonate.

    1. That’s a lot of versions of love….

      I haven’t had a chance to handle their paddles, but if it’s anything like getting the proper keystroke on a piano key, then I’m fucked.

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