Remind me…

Remind me to blog about how upset I am at the Husbear at the moment with the whole “mandatory evacuation” of New Orleans. I volunteered to take people to the airport in the AM, and he’s upset because he has to get up and be on the road by 8 AM. I’m not happy at the moment, and probably shouldn’t be blogging about it. But that’s where I am at the moment.

He’s not a selfish person. I just don’t think he understands what a hurricane is.

Actually, where I am at the moment is on the 7th floor of the Omni Royal Orleans hotel at the pool trying to figure my way out of NOLA in the morning. And gawd only knows where the Husbear is….

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7 thoughts on “Remind me…

  1. I am sorry. Please be careful driving back. I hope your Husbear is with you now. A hurricane like Gustav is not something to fuck with.

  2. Um, remember to blog about this later! I want more details.

    Kyle kept me abreast of your situation through twitter updates. Phew!

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