9 thoughts on “Retinal Burn-In

  1. Wha??? No FLASH?? No nekkid pierced cock and clit pictures??? What kind of tattoo shop are you RUNNING??

    (you must keep all those photos and flash art in secret books then!)


  2. @arbearguy:
    Yes, you sound JUST LIKE the Husbear now…

    Our tattoo flash is digital—all available for perusing on computer kiosks in the tattoo shop. I grew up in the digital age, and I’m dragging my new profession into it kicking and screaming…

    Yes, we do piercings as well. I don’t. I actually get nauseous watching them being performed. Which is really odd considering I can tattoo for hours on end…

  3. @Urspo:
    I’m not a fan myself. Although I’ve seen some people who are rather hot with them in…

    Well damn…

    @Dead Robot:
    I’m sure I could take the jewelry out, but I don’t know about putting the new one in… we might get distracted?

    We’d NOT have it if we could. But so many people in these parts are “unoriginal” on what they want. Luckily, most people end up getting something custom.

    And by “wall” you mean?

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