Road trippin’

The Husbear and I are road tripping on this long weekend.

Well, long weekend for us. We had to schedule some time off and away from the businesses for ourselves.

Our anniversary is coming up soon, so we decided jumping in the Prius (that the Husbear calls “Lucy”) and just driving to some random destination would be fun. Because that’s how we roll. In a car. With wheels. That go round and round.

We had four choices that we were kicking around: north to St. Louis then Chicago (I’ve never been to Chicago); east to Kentucky and the Carolinas (the Husbear has never been in that area); west to Colorado (neither of have been as adults); or south to Texas.

Let’s see, the north and east are seeing 100+ temperatures like we are here in Arkansas. We’re already tired of the heat. And then out west, chunks of Colorado are on fire. Plus we will be out that way in October. Which leaves south to Texas.

I find it ever so ironic that we are heading to south Texas in order to go someplace cooler than home is.

So we are on our way to Dallas now. It’s not our destination. But the Husbear wants to go to a real club tonight. And I sure don’t mind being in a place where there is a plethora of manly gay men to look at. And have a cold beer. And maybe meet up with some bloggers down on Cedar Springs.

Tomorrow we will get up and continue heading south to Galveston via Houston. Neither one of us have been to Galveston before. Not really sure what we’ll do, aside from see the beach. But we’ve driven further for less.

That’s what planned spontaneity is about, right?

Until next time...

4 thoughts on “Road trippin’

  1. Galveston is fun – except for the fact you have to go through Houston to get there. Sorry, I’m not a fan of Houston. …and when I was in Dallas, NO ONE would go to Dealy Plaza. I wanted to eat at the Texas Cheesecake Depository!

    1. We totally avoided Houston. We went the long way ’round, through all the pretty parts of Texas. Who knew those even existed?

      Dealy Plaza was fun. Unless you were maybe in an convertible limo. I actually liked the museum that’s in the Texas School Book Depository. Well done place. I’m sorry you couldn’t get anyone to go.

  2. It was great to see you last night! I had fun hanging out with you the husbear! Yea… it’s weird that we’re getting a 10 degree break from the heat… and that a state north of us is hotter!

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