Rough Weekend By Proxy… Update.

And now there is a fourth. Another on my team had his grandmother placed in hospice this weekend after a battle with cancer. He and his family are there with her now as her time remaining with them is almost over.

On a more positive note, the teammate who’s child was close to death after a serious automobile accident has taken a turn for the better. The swelling in her brain has started to go down, and today she was taken off the coma inducing medications.

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5 thoughts on “Rough Weekend By Proxy… Update.

  1. Yeap. And my ex father in law of nearly 20 yrs passed away Sunday. I will be attending the funeral Thrus

  2. That’s really rough. I’m glad for the child and her family. Do they know yet if she has any brain damage? It’s probably too early to tell.

    That’s a lot of stress for a lot of people, including those like you who work with them and care about them.

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