Snow Job

It is snowing here in Northwest Arkansas. A very rare event for here the last few years. Usually we just get ice storms that cripple the area for weeks. The snow started early this morning and has not let up yet. There’s about 3 inches of snow on all the horizontal surfaces so far. All the schools and most businesses are closed. That’s the way things go in these parts.

Snow at the house
Snow at the house

Driving to the day job was interesting (as it always is, actually). For what reason do people turn stupid when the weather changes? They drive like drunk teenagers leaving prom getting their first road head. I passed two accident scenes in the 10 miles from our house to work. That was just on the way in! When I left work at 1 PM, there were cars in the ditches everywhere. What the hell?

Anyway, I guess I’ll kill the remainder of the day by wandering around the Internet, watching cartoons and maybe some porn—my idea of multitasking.

Until next time...

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