So PC it’s not.

It’s an oldie… yet so still true.

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I’m sure I’m cynical after working in the retail world since college, but why is it that humans frantically run around during this time of year crossing names off of lists after spending monies they can’t really afford to spend?

It seems that people expect to have all their consumption wishes fulfilled during this season. As if it was an obligation. And if they don’t, tantrums ensue.

To an extent, as a small business owner I’m biting the hands that feed me. But to me there is a huge difference between personally saving up for something you want versus demanding you receive it from others. I can’t begin to count how many “children” have come in to the studio with “parents” and then threw a fit to get what they wanted. And the “parents” acquiesced.

Yeah. That’s good parenting.

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2 thoughts on “So PC it’s not.

  1. Um hello! We are a nation of “takers”– not givers. And if we do give, it’s because we expect something in return.

    That’s why I hate this holiday more than others. I’d much rather just buy for myself and be all selfish and shit.

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