4 thoughts on “Soooo…. the next time I decide to do a ginormous project, someone slap me and remind me of this.

  1. Oh Honey, I love it. What else do you have to do with the world shut down. You have your materials. I don’t know if the big boxed stores are open since I don’t travel in that world. But my little hardware store by my house is open.

    Let’s rip.

    Love it!! The sinks are great. I love that the throne in it’s own little room. You LOVE your man to death BUT I wouldn’t want to hear all that. That reminds me, I would love to replace my commode to a more comfortable height. It was put in when the average person was 5 feet 6. Hell, I am 6 feet 2. The shower is interesting. Now the 3/4 wall next to the sink. Will that have a glass insert so that if I am brushing my death I won’t get splashed. Also, is the wood in the shower wall. Will it be treated? We all know that water and wood don’t mix. Love the floor and overall color. Can’t wait to see all the finishes in. Oh, will there be a TASTEFUL gay chandelier in the middle? I want to go into a bathroom and be invigorated to start my day. Give it another week and you guys would be buck naked enjoying yourselves in your new bathroom.

    All is well here.


    1. Thank you. It’s been a project literally a decade in the making! Hell, I know over the years I’ve blogged about it from time to time.

      None of our big box or local hardware stores closed during this, so we could at least get materials as we needed them.

      We went with a standard height toilet. I suppose it’s standard at least. I’m 5′ 10″ and the Husbear is 5’6″, so there’s a slight give-and-take when it comes to things like that.

      The shower walls are actually a porcelain tile that mimics the look of wood. Even up close it’s difficult to tell it’s not real.

      We had originally planned on putting both a glass window and door in those shower openings, mostly to stop the cold air coming in mid-shower. After using it, we’ve realized that doesn’t really happen. So we may just leave it as-is.

      As of replying to this (05/06/2020), we’ve still got a bit to finish up. I’m working on painting the remainder of the trim at the moment. I have one section of door trim to install, and we need to order a frosted glass door for the other opening. Then I need to build a cabinet that will go into a nook that you can’t see in these photos.

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