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The Little Guy

H. Jon Benjamin.


He’s a cutie. Pretty eyes. Nice face. The beard. He kind of reminds me of younger Riker with a beard, and older Bruce Willis. But shorter. Much shorter.

Besides being an funny voice actor with shows such as Archer, he’s also had a funny show called “Jon Benjamin Has a Van”. Which I started watching on Netflix the other night.

My brain is now a little more warped.







I swear the order of those screen captures was purely coincidental.


If you want a laugh, go check out his show.

Until next time...

Do You Thanks-Take It?

I hope everyone in the States had a most excellent Thanksgiving.

We had our oldest daughter and son-in-law over for turkey dinner. After they left, the Husbear and I relaxed on the couch together and watched a couple of movies that I hadn’t seen. It was nice to have time together to do that.

Which brings me to this video by a group called The Wet Spots that I stumbled on tonight.

(YouTube link)

I haven’t been able to stop singing it since I heard it. I know. I’m 12 like that.

Not that the first part of this post is related to the second.

Until next time...