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‘Tis the Greatest Story Ever Told… about Rubber Duckies

Everyone wants to know about my thing with the rubber duckies. Well, maybe not everyone. But everyone who has asked me about them wants to know.

So it felt like another good opportunity for a video post. Because I know how much y’all love them. 😉

YouTube link

Gawd I’m so twitchy.

But now you know. Kind of.

Until next time...

Poke Something into Your Eardrums!

I think this counts as my first “official” video post. Well, a video post that was at least purposefully done as such.

Ugh. My voice. And am I really that twitchy?

I’m not sure if I’ll do another one or not, but who knows.

There are actually a few other videos of me taken while I’ve been getting a tattoo, or tattooing, or a combination of both, all of which you can find under the tag “Videos of Me“.

Until next time...

I’m gonna sing the Doom Song now.

I recorded a video of myself yesterday. Actually, the Husbear recorded it.

This is what happens when I have a slow moment at the tattoo studio. Which is actually a rare thing to have happen.

I still have some shading to do and the coloration in the body, but this is what I was able to get done before a client walked into the studio for a tattoo:

It’s GIR. Wearing the Fourth Doctor’s scarf.

Maybe I should blog about my reasons for those choices?

Until next time...

Video of me…

I finally got those videos from [She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request] inking me back at the end of November.

This is pretty much me. Enjoy! (And my apologies on the sound quality… and the video.)

But wait, there’s more! (Again, my apologies on the quality… and the video.)

Updated 2011.09.16: Moved videos from flickr to Youtube.
Updated 2012.04.02

Until next time...