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Patterns in hair…

Well, one pattern in particular. I can’t decide what to do with my facial hair. It’s always changing, mostly because I get bored and start playing with it. Then it usually ends up looking like something I regret for a while until it grows back. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Full Beard:

Extended goatee / tailback:

Goatee and Mustache / Van Dyke / candado:


Soul patch / imperial / mouche:

What say you, the reader who has to look at my mug on occasion when I post a picture of myself on here?

Until next time...

An Exposition on the hanging of Toilet Paper

Some comments in my previous post made me realize something: humans are very peculiar about which way their toilet paper unrolls!

Call this an informal survey in my pursuit of less-than-trivial knowledge.

(from toothpaste for dinner)

Are you a behind-the-roll or over-the-roll person? And more importantly (for me)—why?

Update, 10/11/2008: It appears that most people are “over-the-roll”-ers. But for no particular reason. It must be something buried deep in the human psyche….]

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