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More bad dreams

More bad dreams last night. What I remember:

At a wedding for a family member (I think a cousin)… Not having the right outfit… The weather changing… My husbear being one of several people sucked up into a tornado right in front of me… Killing my oldest younger brother (for a reason I cannot recall now)… Resetting his cell phone… Attempting to burn the place down with an accomplice (who I can’t remember)… It not burning… Trying to run away… Waking up.

What in the hell is going on in my brain?

Until next time...


Nightmare Death

I woke up at 2:39 this morning from a nightmare.

I was in the upstairs bathroom, sitting on the floor for some reason. (I don’t remember that what led up to that moment in the dream, but I know there were “chapters” before that moment.) From out the window I saw some teenagers (that I don’t recognize) walking down the hill towards the house. They rapidly turn around like they were jolted by something they can see that I can’t. As they are turning away, someone comes into focus in the window. I don’t know who it is. But they are pointing a pistol at me. I tried to scurry behind something, but he kept tracking me with the pistol, then shot. Everything went dark. I woke up immediately.

What the hell?

Until next time...