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Day Two: Rocky and Friends

The Husbear and I woke up bright and early (for us) on Monday and started heading deeper into Colorado. Because everyone likes deeper, right?


We made it over to Colorado Springs and drove up Pikes Peak. The Husbear was “clenched” the entire way up. And when we got to the top, we both had a difficult time adjusting to the altitude.



After a short time at the top, we decided it best if we head back down the mountain, as we were both having issues with the altitude.

We had a nice drive back down, and stopped several times to take pictures.



After that, we stopped at Garden of the Gods to look around. I was last here as a kid, and vaguely remember it.




We left the park, then headed north to Denver to meet with blogger Mark of Voenix Rising and his partner Ben.


I’ve been following Mark for around 7 years or so, and it was great to finally meet him in person. It was a brief but good visit over dinner.


After dinner with them, we then headed a little more north to Thornton to visit our buddy Rodney that we haven’t seen in about a decade since he lived in NW Arkansas.


We stayed with Rodney that night, and spent the time catching up. He and I stayed up late and geeked out over technology as we are prone to do.

And then it was time for bed.

Thank you Mark and Ben for meeting with us with the chaotic schedule we were having, and a big thank you to Rodney for letting us stay in your wonderful home.

Until next time...

Just a Quickie…

I have a few posts to finish writing of our trip-in-progress, which hopefully I will be able to do this evening. There have been several stays without wifi or cell service, which has hampered uploading pictures.

Big day today. Our daughter’s wedding is this afternoon at 4, in whatever time zone this is that we are in. Getting prepared for that, with a slight hangover after spending the evening/night beveraging with our daughter, soon to be son-in-law, a couple of their friends, and the Husbear.

After that, hopefully I will have a little time to post, and to catch up reading blogs. I hope my friends in the New England area are all okay after Sandy rolled through.

Until next time...