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I’m still laughing after seeing this:

Thank you Dead Robot. That more than made my day. I think I shall make this my new desktop wallpaper at the Great Retail Empire.

I promised the AlphaForager a post (and those who saw my tweets) about events that occurred on Wednesday at the Great Retail Empire.

About 11:00 or so, I received a call from the head of our “People People” department asking if I would come visit around 1:30.

Great. The head of “People People” never just calls you up to visit, I thought.

I was expecting discussions around the content of my blog posts concerning the Great Retail Empire, as that was the only thing I could think of that I had “done” as of late that would possibly warrant said invitation. That, or someone forgot to lay me off and they wanted to know why I was still here, red Swingline stapler in hand.

So, around 1:30, after receiving well-wishes from those around me, I wandered off to the “People People” people.

It was said some individuals had complained about the content of my blog concerning certain recent events. The “People People” people stated they read my blog (which makes me giggle a little, as I wonder if the other content I post caused some brain throttling). Nothing was stated about the content of my blog itself in regard to the Great Retail Empire. I was called in because they were concerned with whether I was essentially mentally okay.

Discussions were had. (I stated I would not blog about said discussions so I won’t.)

Not to sound like I drank more of the Kool-Aid, but the discussions were probably the best visit I had ever had with anyone in the “People People” department. I don’t feel any better about the layoffs that happened. However, I was able to express myself, my feelings and my opinions to someone who would at least be able to do something with my statements, which is opposite how I feel about those in the corner office(s).

There was something I hadn’t blogged about that was also mentioned: my dislike of the word “processes”. So I know either my tweets or Facebook statuses (or both) were /are being read.

And I now know there are some people out there who I work with in some fashion reading my blog that can’t handle the truth. To them I say thank you for the extra ammunition.

I am assured that I am now on some sort of blog watch list. As is the term “Great Retail Empire”.

Awesome. 😀

Maybe I should consider doing that “Men of the Great Retail Empire” photo shoot now.

(Updated, 02/27/2009: For the first time ever, I have disabled comments on a post. I do this only at the Husbear’s request. To my readers and those who already posted, please only know that he is sincerely afraid for me in the waters in which I am treading. If you want to discuss, email me. My contact info is here.)

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5 thoughts on “Tagged by the Bus

  1. I wonder if they read the comments section as well? Because, if so, I have a few choice words for them.

    Actually, I’m more digusted with the complaining individuals than the Empire itself. How mentally bankrupt must a person be to complain about someone’s blog? The mind boggles.

    Thank your chosen invisible fairytale figure I no longer have to deal with those people.

  2. Are you serious. This is one of the reasons why I try my hardest not to shop at the Great Retail Empire. DO THEY NOT GET IT, THEY FIRE THEIR PEOPLE THEY HAVE NO ONE TO PURCHASE THEY CHINESE MADE CRAP!

    And i am sorry, do we not have a constitution in this country that allows us to say what ever the fuck we want? Do they not realize that if they fire you because of the blog they will have a shit storm on their hands?

    Fuck them!

  3. Glad you liked the bus.

    Seriously you’re treading into dangerous waters forged by dubious labour laws and the greying area called freedom of speech. Be careful.

  4. Not to get you in more trouble, but Fuck The Great Retail Empire. It’s YOUR BLOG. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN OPINION.

  5. Seems to me there are lots of other things these people could be doing then spending time reading the blogs of their employees. The last few times I visited said empire there were way too many buggies in the lot.

    I work for a privately owned global company with over 8,000 employees that is experiencing it’s own financial downturn. They just announced a 5% paycut across the board for salaried employees, a weekly 5 hour cut in time for hourly employees, a near halt on all employee T&E, no more 401K match, no more tuition reimbursements, etc. These all sound rather minor but I have to commend them for making these efforts before layoffs. They are moving employees around and modifying budgets to keep as many people as possible but no doubt there will be some layoffs. Contract employees are not having their contracts renewed. I have never been so busy with my workload in the 12 years I have been with them. I am swimming in emails that I cannot get to and working late into the wee hours every night just to keep up.

    I hope everything works out for you. I find it all rather petty and a waste of time that your blog is being monitored.

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