Tale of the Traveling Spo-Shirt

(This is my second attempt to publish this post. Something failed miserably the first time I tried last night.)

Dr. Spo makes festive shirts and one is making the rounds for bloggers to wear, all in the name of charity.

And I’m lucky stop number 13 on the great Spo-Shirt!

Here is where the Spo-Shirt has been so far according to the accompanying traveling paper (b)log. I’ve linked their Spo-Shirt tales here for you to read:

And now… it’s my turn!

In the tech world, there’s what is called an “unboxing” when a new product arrives. As we don’t really have anything cool like that in the tattoo world, I figured what could be better than a Spo-Shirt unboxing!

This is the box containing said Traveling Spo-Shirt:

Upon opening said box, this is the traveling paper (b)log:

What do my eyes behold? It’s the Spo-Shirt. In a bag:

There was a few more pictures, but they looked horrible and out of focus. Just imagine me holding the Spo-Shirt up in one, and putting it on in the next.

Here’s the Spo-Shirt supervising it’s wearer, an aesthetic dermal pigment insertionist:

The Spo-Shirt, as viewed from Secret-Government-Spy-Satellites:

And this is me trying to ship myself with the Spo-Shirt:

I think the Spo-Shirt actually complements my tattoos. It was hard to tell where the shirt ended and my arm began. 😉

The Spo-Shirt has been laundered and is now on it’s way to Buddy Bear at One Step at a Time.

Thank you Spo for letting me be part of the adventure.

Until next time...

12 thoughts on “Tale of the Traveling Spo-Shirt

    1. I only laundered it because I didn’t want to risk any cross-contamination from blood-borne pathogens that could have potentially gotten on the shirt while I was tattooing.

      Yeah… that’s why I did it. Yeah.

  1. Erik you look terrific! And the Spo-shirt looks good too. Shipping the shirt in a zip-loc bag was a brilliant idea. I should have done that. Thankfully the weather was good when I sent it off to Blobby.

  2. Methinks dear Spo used said ‘secret-government-spy-satellites’ to choose a shirt that specifically complimented your tattoos. But then…I may just be experiencing paranoid delusions again. Time to put on my aluminum foil cap.

    Thanks for the link and the nod!

  3. Your forearm looks super with the shirt! I don’t really know why I put the shirt in a bag, except that it had been raining and snowing constantly and I thought maybe the box could get saturated during shipping and delivery.

    I loved “aesthetic dermal pigment insertionist.” Also, the last picture is wonderful; it could have been an invention of Dr. Spo himself.

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