“Tattoo Time”

I’ve refrained from posting any of the tattoo work I do on the blog for the most part, but I think I may start doing so from time to time.

Tonight I managed to wrangle the Husbear into getting his butt back onto the tattoo chair so I could work on him a little more. For such a beefy guy, he’s a real wuss most of the time when it comes to getting inked. I’m proud of him though—he actually sat well this time and was very well behaved.

Husbear and his ink
I’m sure the Husbear will appreciate a picture with his shorts slightly pulled down…

I just had time tonight to do the outline. Hopefully next week I’ll manage to talk him into starting to work on filling it in.

Eventually the solid black tribal work will have flames around them, to counter the water colors around the negative tribal. Not that you can tell the blues are water colors. The Husbear spends a lot of time outside without any sunscreen on. Not good for ink. Or him.

Until next time...

12 thoughts on ““Tattoo Time”

  1. Phowarrr!!!!!!!!! He looks HOTTTTT! And the Tatt looks GREAT!!!! Wish you were closer you could do me one I only get a liittle tiny one and I wana BIG ONE! His tatts look fantastic!

  2. @Romach:
    Thank you! I’ll let the Husbear know you think he looks hot. 🙂

    Thank you! I’m not sure how many total hours we have on him so far… I actually used to keep track, but I stopped some time back. If I had to take a guess, I’d say close to 30 hours so far.

    He hasn’t been the easiest client to work with. He is a squirmer.

  3. I’ve noticed that size doesn’t correlate to toughness with regards to tattoos at all. I’m tiny, but I’ve been far less phased by the needle than most big muscley guys I’ve seen in the shop at the same time.

  4. I only have a little one on my arm. So many people were telling me I would not be able to stand the pain when getting one. When I eventually did get one it was no where as painful as I thought. Although many people have told me the upper arms is one of the easiest places to get one done.

  5. I really like the negative/positive tribal halves.

    I should share my idea for my next tattoo with you sometime, and get your input.

  6. @Ron:
    That’s definitely a trend we notice as well. It seems typically the bigger they are, the wimpier they tend to be. We’ve had big muscle guys pretty much cry and whine and pass out, all the while the little, itty bitty guy in the next room was sitting there laughing at him.

    Tattoos definitely don’t hurt as bad as some people make them out to be. They build it up to be this huge thing in their mind. But pain is relative. What hurts for one person won’t bother the next.

    Thanks! And share away!

  7. Romach: You go numb after a while, unless your getting part of your armpit inked then all bets are off. Trust me on that one.

    I just may have to travel to get some more ink done! 🙂

  8. You will have to put the finished pics. up when it is done. It even looks good not filled in. What a proud feeling you must have being able to ink your husbear (it seems romantic to me.) Now, all you need is a pharmacy and a liquor license for the tattoo shop so it would not hurt as bad 🙂

  9. @kyle:
    Thank you! I’m glad my powers of persuasion are that great! 😉

    I will post pics when we finally get him closer to done.

    I don’t know about the “proud” though, although it does have its moments. Usually tattooing on someone you love/know is harder because you want to hurt them 😉

    Well, I don’t know about the pharmacy and liquor, at least until AFTER the tattooing is done. Well, maybe the next day. People tend to fall asleep/pass out on their tattoo, which is bad.

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