The 6 Ws meme

Stolen from Chris at My 2 Cents, but with some updated “Why” questions from Ur-Spo at Spo-Reflections.

Here is the the 6 Ws meme.

…is easy to love? Define “love”. There’s a whole lot of “love” going around at some events I’ve been to. I’d say they were all easy.
…do you just wanna smack? With what? And where?
…do you trust? Very few humans. And my cats.
…do you talk to when you’re alone? One of my multiple personalities.

…dangerous things do you do while driving? Eat, pick my nose, and look for songs on my iPhone. I used to text, but that’s illegal now in Arkansas.
…are you allergic to? Mushrooms. The kind you eat on pizza.
…is Satan’s last name? I know for a fact that it’s Rubright.
…is the freakiest thing in your house? Besides my Husbear?

…are your pants? Around my ankles.
…is your last will and testament? A copy is in a file cabinet, another copy is with the attorney.
…is your junk food stash? In my pants. Would you like a piece?
…is Carmen Sandiego? She was in Amsterdam, where she undertook gender-reassignment surgery. He is now known as “Carmen Losangeles”.

…is it time to turn over a new leaf? When the old leaf is no longer clean.
…will you be all that you can be? According to the propaganda, when I join the Army. Which will never happen.
…is enough enough? When there’s eight.
…do you go to the dark side? Quite often. Actually, it’s better to ask when do I go to the not-dark side.

…was the Lone Ranger alone? He wasn’t alone. He had Tonto. Besides, I always defined lone as “being the only one”, as in he was the Only Ranger. Had he been alone, he would have been called the “Alone Ranger”.
…was The Scarlet Letter scarlet? Supposedly it was an uppercase letter “A” in red that Puritans, being as “fun” as they were, required adulterers to wear it. So yes, it was.
…are musicians sexy and plumbers not? I’ve seen some sexy plumbers. In pictures only, of course. And I’ve seen some not sexy musicians: Lyle Lovett.
…are there no seat belts on school buses? Because children should learn early about survival of the fittest, and what a better way than the transport they take 10 times a week?
…do people feel obliged to turn in front of you, rather than wait until you pass and the coast is clear? Argh! I have no idea. Is it wrong I speed up and ride their ass after they do that?
…does the porridge bird lay its egg in the air? I think there’s an urban dictionary entry for “porridge bird” as the “money shot”. That makes more sense, and solves that philosophical debate.
…didn’t “ea” as seen in words like steak and great not compact during the “Great Vowel Shift” in time of Middle English? You mean their not spelled “stake” and “grate”? Damn phonics failed me again.
…if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow why or why can’t I? Because the rainbow always keeps moving based on the direction of the sun and the position of our eye. So as we watch the bluebirds fly, they can fly past the rainbow based on our POV. But as we move, the rainbow moves, until the angle changes to such an extent that the rainbow disappears.

Would you…
…swim the English Channel for a doughnut and coffee? If not that, what? What am I, a cop? snicker]
…forgive someone who deliberately hurt you? I have. But I didn’t forget. And I also plotted their doom.
…rather believe a lie if it hurt you less than the truth? Isn’t that the basis of ALL organized religions?
…you still be alive if you were sucked out of an airplane window? Stupid Bernoulli effect and getting sucked out of airplanes. Yes is the technical answer. It’s the sudden stop from the fall that usually kills you.

Because that’s how I roll. Or stand, as it may be.
And I am wearing my hat because Alexander doesn’t like faux-hawks. 😉

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