6 thoughts on “The best present ever: the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. Thank you Mike!!!!!

    1. It was an early gift. I was unaware that gift exchanging would be occurring at said beveraging event. So he’ll have to wait until Christmas before he gets my gift. 😉

  1. So, lucky… I wound up having one made for myself… Most expensive self gift ever… Maybe I should learn how to knit… Hmmm

    Anyway, I made a [air qoutes] display for my scarf… Basically it’s a sort of towel bar that matched the frames I made for the same room… This way it can be displayed and enjoyed all year long and worn when cold.

    1. I was actually going to learn how to knit just so I could make one for myself. Now it looks like I won’t have to. 🙂

      I like the display idea. Hmm…. almost like a shrine to the Doctor.

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