The end…. For now.

I have decided to park my blog.

Well, in as much as “park” includes still cross-posting my Instagram photos, and doing the “12 of 12” because I enjoy that.

It’s not like I’ve really blogged anything of real substance in a long, long while. Just not feeling wordy for a while, and my time seems more and more difficult to manage as of late.

I’ll still be around, and I might randomly post from time-to-time.

But for now, thank you for spending the time you’ve spent with me.

Until next time...

11 thoughts on “The end…. For now.

  1. I understand, but I’ll miss reading your posts. It’s almost like losing touch with a good friend. Wishing you the best!

  2. Not thrilled but I essentially did the same several years ago, so I understand. I will stop by from time to time to check out whatever bits of your life you do decide to drop here. Best always to you and the Husbear!

  3. No!
    I am heartily sorry to see you stop.
    Of all my blog readings yours is one I look most forward to reading. Even the simple posts bring me a smile and a look-see into your life.

  4. The little cabin on Cold Mountain around the corner from Camp Daniel Boone still remembers you going by. Yours is a go to blog. Will miss hearing from you.

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