The Wrong Husbear

I started getting the phone calls late Tuesday morning asking if I was okay. After a lot of confusion and then some frantic moments, I found out that several local television stations had reported that the Husbear was killed in a car accident. That is my partner’s name! People were calling me to find out what happened. And I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. I was about to call home when I get another phone call, and it’s the Husbear.

The Husbear received a few telephone calls from relatives that morning as well, one of them being his mother in tears. Talk about an odd moment. Having to explain to your own mother that you are not dead. He called me to tell me what he had heard.

There are, or were, two people with the Husbear’s name in the area. One being my partner of 10+ years (so far) and the other being someone else’s husband (no relation). The other person with the Husbear’s name was killed in a car accident Tuesday morning (news article).

What a horribly surreal moment….

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2 thoughts on “The Wrong Husbear

  1. I read the article that day and my heart stopped. Then I read further and saw the age and hometown of the man in the accident and knew it wasn’t him. But still for a moment I was at a loss.

    Makes one think …

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