8 thoughts on “This Wisteria has gotten out of control. It needs a haircut!

  1. neighbors down the street have wisteria that when up a wire to a electric pole and the started going across a street on the electric wire. I think the town cut it down to nothing and the plant is coming back with a vengeance . I heard it can get out of control, very aggressive plant. Hard to kill.

    1. They definitely go all crazy. At least in these parts. We’ve got three of them. All purposely planted in specific locations. I continually have to groom them. The one in the picture I have yet to prune. Mostly because it’s on the backside of the house.

  2. Took a photo at Target tonight but I can figure out how to send it to you. Can’t post it here… Hmm.. Email me and I will email it back to you, I guess.

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