Trouble getting it out

I have been working on one particular (read, more serious than normal for me) post for three months. I can’t seem to get my thoughts “on paper” in any coherent form.

The look of frustration…

Until next time...

11 thoughts on “Trouble getting it out

  1. Don’t worry about coherence. You don’t need to impress us. Just say what you want/need to say the way you think/feel about it. We’ll follow along.

  2. I had a dream on the weekend that you were taking me out on a date and we were both really worried that our better halves would find out.

    I woke up and thought “What the hell…?”

  3. the picture is awesome, and if life in these united states have taught us anything, it doesn’t really matter what you “say”, it’s how you look!


  4. 1) I have a couple of posts like that, have been working on them for months and every time I start to edit/add, I give up over the enormity of what I’m trying to accomplish. I mean, enormity-compared-to-the-usual-drivel-I-write.

    2) When you’re frustrated you look terribly sexy.

  5. Handsome more than cute, IMHO
    You look more serious and mature than in other pics I’ve seen of you. I am also reading top to bottom and have already read the post you refer to in this one. So I know what you’re thinking about. Does that spoil the surprise?
    PS- I think you did a great job in the post you are referring to.

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