Under the Weather

I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I definitely have a lot to think about on how to proceed.

I’ve not really got anything new to talk about, but thought in the sprit of Sorted I’d report about the weekend.

Halloween was a non-event, as always. It has never been a holiday that I’ve been a fan of, like ALL holidays. (I know, revoke my gay card!) I worked at the tattoo shop that night then went over to my Buddy’s for a drink and went home. Exciting.

Saturday night some friends invited me to see a band I had never heard before—Bonepony. Incredible. They’ve been around for a long time, but have never been in the spotlight that I could find. I’d have a hard time narrowing down their sound, but it’s a mix of rock, country, bluegrass and folk. I had a great time and ended up buying some of their CDs—probably one of the better music purchases I’ve made in a long time. Go find them on iTunes or in another venue and give them a listen. And a big thank you to Goose and Leah for inviting me to see them.

I’ve been ill since Sunday. Feels like the flu, but seems to have passed rather quickly. I’m feeling somewhat better at the moment. Not sure what it was, but it was rather unpleasant. Hopefully I’ll sleep through the night tonight and be able to go to work tomorrow.

Let’s hope this week doesn’t leave me feeling like this:

lick to embiggen

Actually, I’d like to feel like this every now and then.

Until next time...

5 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. Hope you feel better and get over (quickly) the nastiness. I had it in September and it was NO FUN!!

    Erik replies: Thanks! It seems to have passed for the most part. I just feel drained now.

  2. Next year we’ll invite you both to The Ranch and you can experience dressing up like total fools like we do every year. That plus drinking a LOT.

    Erik replies: I’m up for anything that involves drinking a lot!!!

  3. plenty of fluids, sleep and get some one to pamper you

    Erik replies: The one who is pampering keeps trying to give me fluids… but not the right kind! Something about how warm one feels when they are running a fever….

  4. Oddly enough… that picture accurately depicts exactly HOW I want to be feeling at some point this week. Ahem.

    Erik replies: Somehow, I imagine that’s how most of us feel waiting for the results of this election to pour in…

  5. You and your husbear are cordially invited to Boston for fun ‘n stuff. 🙂

    Erik replies: Well, thank you! I somehow imagine the Husbear would run out of “‘n stuff” in about the first couple days there. And by “‘n stuff” I mean people he hasn’t mounted yet.

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