United States of Walmart?

Now that politicians can be bought and sold by corporations with no limit thanks to the new ruling by SCOTUS, corporations with virtually unlimited pockets like Wal-mart Stores, Inc. will now own the government.

I FULLY expect corporations like Wal-mart Stores, Inc. to now pressure their associates into voting for politicians they want elected more directly than they did before. And yes, they do that. I can’t tell you how many emails I received while working for the company that asked us to express our vote for this or that candidate.

Will deep-pocketed Exxon and Wal-Mart buy the next Electoral College to elect the President?

The corporation(s) that controls the media and the Internet controls the minds of the people.

No, I’m not cynical.

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4 thoughts on “United States of Walmart?

  1. Oh dear. Have you seen the website “people of Wal-Mart”? if we become all like that I don’t have the proper bed clothing to be a citizen.

    1. Would it really be Fascism? Fascists of old considered the economy to be of little importance. If corporations control the elected, they would do everything in their power to keep the economy functioning since that’s what drives their profits.

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