Venomness, Update.

Luna is home. Our vet let the Husbear bring her home today.

Both the Husbear and Luna were happy to see each other. And I was happy because the Husbear wasn’t all twitterpated any more.

Luna even had kisses for me when I got home. That, or I had something in my beard.

Leftovers in my beard...
Leftovers in my beard…

She has a little necrosis going on where the snake bit her, but the vet wasn’t overly concerned with it. She said dogs tend to recover fairly well in these cases.

The aftermath.
The aftermath.

We just have to keep feeding her the medications and monitor her foot. But she does seem to be almost back to her not yet old self.

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “Venomness, Update.

  1. Very very glad to read she is well. I’ve been following along silently, as you didn’t need my worry added to your own. Thanks for keeping us posted. Hope she springs back in full health in no time.

  2. I’m happy for all three y’all that she is home.
    I love seeing twitterpated used in a sentence.
    Now you two be careful cause y’all got a copperhead out in them bushes.

    1. “Twitterpated” is a fun word that more people need to use. Or maybe I need to use it more.

      And the copperheads aren’t just in the bushes around here. They love the rocks out here too.

    1. She’s recovering well. Hopefully she won’t have any long-term kidney or liver damage from the bite. Something we have to watch for.

      And she’s totally his. She sees at me as the disciplinarian, since someone else isn’t.

  3. Good to read that she’s doing better, though the wound looks fairly nasty. At least she doesn’t need to wear the Cone of Shame.

    1. The wound has gotten a lot better looking quickly. Thank goodness. I was kind of hoping she’d get a new cone. I enjoyed playing basketball with it on her. 😉

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