Water closet

Having been fairly incapacitated for the last month due to the molar incident and a bad case of food poisoning, I started working on the trim and paneling in the bathroom today. Specifically in the water closet.

Our original idea was to tile up the walls about 4′, in the style of turn-of-the-century (well, the previous century) bathhouses. Sadly, the hexagon tile we wanted was extremely cost-prohibitive. (We were going to use the same hexagon tile on the floor originally as well.)

So we started looking at other options. We both like the look of Craftsman-style trim. While our home isn’t a Craftsman, the insides share some similarities. And again, we like the look.

Window trim and wall paneling...
Window trim and wall paneling…

As I was cutting and installing the panels and trim, the Husbear said he thinks we should do a few other rooms in the house like this. I really hope he’s joking… but I think he’s not.

I hope to finish getting the trim in the water closet area cut and installed tomorrow. Then comes the puttying and caulking and painting.

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “Water closet

  1. That looks very fancy! I made the mistake of putting up cheap beadboard in my bathroom and I regret it (the smallest amount of water makes it bubble up, and it is impossible to keep the dust out of the cracks).

    1. Thank you! Dust on all the horizontal ledges of the trim is what I’m most worried about, especially since we live out in the country.

      Hopefully your beadboard will be something easy to correct at some point.

  2. Looks very nice! I envy your talents. I suck at doing anything that involves carpentry, and my father was a carpenter.

    1. Thank you, on both accounts. 🙂

      Carpentry is definitely something I need to improve upon in my skills bag, and there’s enough freaking lumber involved in this project to hopefully help that!

  3. I like that Craftsman look as well. I love the neatness in the look of Craftsman Cottages with the built-ins and simple but very pleasing use of wood. I’m not surprised that Husbear would like to see more of it in the house.

  4. Beautiful craftsmanship (pun intended) work that you have done here!! Sounds like Husbear has good taste. I love the Craftsman style design. And I think incorporating it in other areas of the house will help tie the rooms together……IMHO. 🙂

    1. Thank you. And it was a great pun! As I sit here in the living room, I can definitely see that design fitting in in here. Not that I’m telling the Husbear that. 😉

    1. It’s on of those “that doesn’t look that difficult” when I started projects. So many cuts and measurements. And I haven’t even gotten to the puttying and caulking yet!

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