Way too Frakin’ Hot

I posted this picture on FB yesterday, but I failed to post it on my blog.

104 frakin degrees!

It’s damned hot here in NW Arkansas! And humid as well. Humans are starting to die from the extreme conditions here.

I can only imagine how this will impact non-humans who aren’t normally exposed to this extreme level of hot. I’m expecting to see birds start crashing down from the skies pre-fried.

This week promises to be interesting, or so says the weather people.

I swore I wouldn’t bitch about the heat, but…

I am so over summer. Can it be spring again?

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “Way too Frakin’ Hot

  1. It one thing to bitch about the heat but it’s also a matter of perspective. Are you really bitching about the normal late June heat or about the absurd temperatures caused by climate change and the fools who refuse to believe that man has had a negative impact on the weather?

  2. Will this mean you and the husbear will be walking around your yard naked?? If so I have to get hooked up to a satilite and check out the view 😉

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