17 thoughts on “What are they selling?

  1. I’m an advocate of naked cooking, unless there’s hot oil involved. But, thou shalt not cook bacon whilst naked – owie owie owie. Better yet – stay naked and have your partner (who cooks much better than I do) cook whilst you drink mimosas.

  2. Sex sells. It works especially well with men, who are much more visually oriented than women. While I (greatly!) appreciate the beauty of that behind, it in no way encourages me to buy the oven mitts. I will buy an oven mitt based on it’s performance as an oven mitt, not as a decoration framing one of the sexiest asses I’ve seen in a while. (really nice ass, there) I’m not particularly fond of oven mitts, I prefer hot pads.

    I know you’ve seen nekkid or near nekkid ladies advertising socket wrenches or some such. Sex sells socket wrenches to straight guys. Sex sells oven mitts to gay guys.

  3. I chuckled at that, he is using the oven mitts to get the buns! Although I would be interested to know a few things.

    1. How well does sex oriented advertising work based per gender?
    2. how does that data correlate to the IQ of each individual?

    For instance, does sex sell only to men, or only to people with a low IQ, or men with a low IQ? Maybe sex sells to women and they just don’t like admitting it? All relevant questions I wish I knew the answer to.

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