What does it take?

Some of you might have seen my tweet Sunday evening:

Nothing makes you feel like a great parent like having to kick your kid out of the house for having no ambition. *sigh*

Our son graduated from High School this last June. Since then, his mother moved to Oklahoma, so he moved in with the Husbear and I in August. With several understandings. All of which went unfulfilled. Since he moved in, he hasn’t had a job, and barely made an effort to find one only after we kept prodding him to do so. He always had an excuse for everything. We started checking up on where he put in applications and found out he only wanted part-time work, and only during the week. So he could spend the weekends with his girlfriend.


He was supposed to go to an auto mechanic school down in Hot Springs, on a full free ride paid for by the state. Again, after we did the prodding to get him into school. More excuses on why he wasn’t starting.

We got tired of the excuses, finally. And kicked him out of the house essentially. Of course, he’s going back to his mother’s house in Oklahoma, where she pampers the kids and they can do no wrong.

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