When Management Should Shut Up

There is a Sr. VP at my “day job” who is incredibly painful to listen to when she is speaking. For example, in a divisional meeting today she made the following statement (slightly paraphrased as I don’t remember all of it as I was losing control of my ability to stifle my laughter):

“… we have to break through the yellow brick wall to get to the green witch…”

What the hell? Did I hear that correctly? I had to check with the co-worker next to me who was also looking seriously confused. I apparently was not having auditory hallucinations—that is what she said!

If you are going to use an analogy at least get the damn thing right! It is bad enough I am “required” to attend a two hour meeting which could have been avoided by sending out one simple email. But do not make it worse by being stupid! It is bad enough you got your job by being a “quota” that needed filling—do not make me expend energy on disliking you that much more for being stupid.

Shut the stupid people up

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