Working offline…

I’ll be working offline for a while. Not by choice.

We had a storm yesterday and a bolt of lightning took a swipe at our house.

In doing so, it nailed the phones, the network, my computer, most of the surge protectors and a few other electronic devices that were blown apart–literally.

We are actually quite lucky the house (all old wood from the 1860s) didn’t burn. All the network gear was located in the back of the Master closet and some of equipment caught fire. For whatever reason, it extinguished itself before damaging anything else.

So, I’ll be blogging from my phone for a while until I get all the phone lines re-run and network replaced.

Until next time...

13 thoughts on “Working offline…

  1. WOW! Sorry to hear about this freak incident. I’m glad you and the family are ok and you had no major damage. This could have turned into something much worse.
    Holler if you guys need anything. I’ll be thinking of you!

    Love ya!

  2. Wow. Lucky indeed that the entire house didn’t burn down.
    My dad’s house was struck by lightning. It came in through the wires from the utility pole, and blew half a dozen bricks off the wall where it entered the house.

    You know how a song or part of a song can get stuck in your head and you “hear” it all day? Phrases do that to me as well. This morning I woke up with a phrase stuck in my head. It keeps talking to me. It says “gambrinous with griffonage.”

  3. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the strike. I guess it could have been worse tho’– and now you get all new equipment!! 🙂

  4. wow that really sucks! glad you’re all ok though. hope your insurance people are jerks about it…act of god and all…

    looking forward to seeing your new upgraded gear though!

  5. When I was a kid lightning hit our house and a ball of fire flew from the telephone to the floor, right next to my foot. I escaped unharmed, but our telephone and tv were ruined. This was back in the 1970s, so there wasn’t any fancy electronics to be damaged. I am glad your house is alright.

  6. Glad to hear that you are doing well considering. My parents have had the misfortune of being hit twice. What was that saying?? Hope things return to normal soon.

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