Ye Olde Barn Raising, still… still…

Previously… in November. Yes, eight months ago. Well, and a little post in February. If you’ve been following along with ANY of our projects, things take time when we’re involved.

But we got roofied! Wait…

I’m not a fan of heights. At all. So I knew there was NOOOOOOOOOO way I would be climbing on a steep angled roof to install water barriers and shingles. Unless someone was going to cough up to purchase scaffolding, and I didn’t see that happening.

This Monday, the roofers FINALLY installed the shingles. Yay! The supplies have been sitting in the yard since the week before we went on our July walkabout, but it’s pretty much rained here every day up until last week so they haven’t been able to work on it at all.

It took two guys about 5 hours to do the job. In 100°F humid weather. Yuck for them. But that is what I was paying them for.

North and east side.
North and east side.
North and west side.
North and west side.

So now we have a finished roof.

And I even got a few more pieces of sheathing installed on the east and west wall that evening when they were done.

Until next time...

4 thoughts on “Ye Olde Barn Raising, still… still…

  1. That’s a nice little design–did you guys use existing plans or did you draft up your own design and construction drawings?

    1. Thank you! I drafted my own design and drawings. I’m a bit weird like that. I did base the roof on some old historical documents of barns from the turn of the century to get the angles the way I want them.

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