9 thoughts on “100000

  1. I know that it’s not your Prius. I just went 100,000 mile on my Prius. The very first new car that I put that many miles on. I figure I have about 50,000 more mile before I have to worry about the big ole battery.

    1. It’s my truck. Although the Prius does have 75K on it already.

      I’m dreading the battery change on the Prius. Hopefully we’ll sell it before that happens.

  2. 278,000 on my first car (original clutch! No oil leaks!), 206,500 on my present one. I drive a lot. That’s just over a round trip to the moon and back 🙂 But she looks so much closer than that …

    1. I had a college friend who would clap whenever her odometer rolled over to each new thousands marker.

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