Saturday, a “friend” on Facebook posted a status update that he was jonesing for a tattoo. This is the “conversation” that followed:

Eric is also a stuck-up, arrogant bastard. Who never chooses to answer a message, or reply to a comment. I hate people like that.

For some reason this really, really bothered me. Enough that I keep thinking about it. So I’m writing my thoughts down in an attempt to get it out of my head.

As for the bastard bit, that’s likely technically true since I am adopted. Although I know that’s not in the sense of what he meant.

But stuck-up and arrogant? I know I’m a lot of things, but I really don’t perceive myself to be either stuck-up or arrogant. I don’t know if those are qualities one would actually notice about oneself if they were. But I’m fairly certain the people who choose to be around me aren’t the type of people who would put up with either of those qualities in the people they surround themselves with.

Then there’s the whole “never chooses to answer a message, or reply to a comment” bit. Maybe that’s his beef with me, although I don’t know why it would make me stuck-up and arrogant. I do get around to answering my messages/emails, albeit at a slow pace some of the time. But I do reply to most emails. Eventually.

And as far as replying to Facebook comments, that’s a different story. If someone asks a direct question, I’ll comment, but other than that, I see Facebook as a message board. Not every comment needs a matching reply. If that was the case, I’d never get anything else done. Ever. And I’m not on Facebook 24×7 to see what’s going on with everyone all the time. So I can’t comment that I’m proud that you drove your truck and delivered your trailer full of stuff somewhere.

After thinking about this for the last 30+ hours, I unfriended the “friend” today. I told myself I wasn’t going to at first, but I don’t need that kind of crap in my life.

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  1. You are not stuck up or arrogant in any way. He obviously has issues. You are friendly and outgoing and funny. Fuck him. Who needs Facebook drama anyway!!!;0) xo

  2. You made the right decision. Life is too short.

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve gotten the exact same treatment. When I tried to explain that I am not of Facebook 24/7 and so I often-times don’t even see comments until days or even weeks after they’re posted, I was told that I should just stay off Facebook entirely because I wasn’t “serious” about it.

    Thank heavens.

    1. Wow. I’m glad (in the not really glad sort of way but you get my drift I hope) that I’m not the only one this has happened to.

      Upon closer inspection, it seems that some people spend 24×7 on Facebook. I guess that must be easy to do when people don’t have jobs or lives, or not actually “working” at their jobs.

      If I didn’t have a business account, I’d just delete my Facebook account all together.

  3. Arrogant? Stuck up? That is so not the impression that I get. I don’t know why this guy has such an attitude, but I’d probably have taken the same action.

  4. Life is too short to bother worrying about these things. That’s easy for me to say, but in reality I would have worried about it like you and then deleted the friend off the list. Don’t let it bother you and I still look forward to meeting you in person.

  5. Oh, come on… That’s totally unfair from him and you did the right thing…
    I always find it really nice that you reply to people with emails. It’s very personal. I wished I did the same thing. To be honest, if something like that happened to me, I would be bothered as well. Try not to let it affect you too much though.

    1. I got passed it eventually. I’m sure it will bubble up in my mind from time to time and I’ll have to mentally think about it again, but I’ll get over it.

      And replying is just one of the little things I do. 😉

  6. What a rude, mean spirited vitriolic douche that person is. You seem perfectly fine to me Erik, and even though I only know you from blogging, you come over as one of the most sorted and complete people possible.

    Long story short, he’s probably jealous, he’s a douchebag, and you’re much better off without that level of whiny gay drama in your life. Well done for deleting him.


    1. Thank you Dale. This was one of those times in my life when it helped to hear this from others. I think sometimes my built-in negativity gets the best of me.

  7. There was a time when I let people and things like this bother me. Then I realized I can’t control what other people think or do and anyone who would speak about you like that isn’t any kind of friend or person I’d want to keep around. Let it go.

    1. I have let it go. At least for the moment. I’m sure it will resurface at some point and I’ll have to think about it again, but I think I’ve had plenty of affirmation from my friends that I’m not that way.

  8. It’s like this guy has NEVER met you!!!
    He definitely doesn’t deserve your artistry, just forget him. You did the right thing. I can’t believe how polite you were in your response to him, I would’ve unleashed…

    1. And he hasn’t, that I recall.

      A few choice words kicked around in my head, but that karma word keeps coming to mind when I think of things like that.

  9. We’re supposed to reply to comments on FB? News to me. If someone wants a specific response they should send an email, not write on my wall.

    There may be more going on than you know. I think a direct phone call might be in order here.

    1. Apparently some people seem to think that every comment deserves a reply. What a sad life that must be.

      And as I don’t know this person in real life other than on Facebook, I deleted him from there, and from my life. One of the few times I can do that.

  10. wait a second. so you are going to tell me that you are not attached to your computer or phone 24/7 and that you have a life outside of facebook. No way… what is that like.

    People in this country need to grow the fuck up and get off their high fucking horses that everyone owes them something.

  11. You’ve responded to every single comment I’ve ever made on this blog. No other blogger has ever, ever done that when I’ve posted. Sounds like the other guy was having a bad day. And that he’s an asshole.

    1. I try to reply because I know not everyone comes back to check comments they made, even though I do reply on the blog as well. I just consider it one more level of personal service that I offer. 😉

      And for the other guy, I’ve written him off as such.

  12. I enjoy your blog and your tweets because you are down to earth. You come across as a warm, funny, and straight shooting guy.

  13. I agree with all the comments ( like my approval matters!..LOL)
    I echo what Raybob said. You have responded to every comment that I have made on your blog.
    From all appearances you are the type of person that everyone would want to be friends with. Mr.D. Bag must not know anything about you, other than you don’t comment much on FB.
    When thoughts of Mr D. Bag get you down, remember that there are thousands of us out there that think you are perfect just the way you are!

    1. Thank you Thomas. Sometimes even though there’s a crowd of thousands cheering us on, we sometimes focus on that lone boo-er. I need to learn how to get past that.

  14. That guy’s an idiot. It’s obvious that you are a stuck-up, arrogant, PRICK bastard. Geesh.


  15. You’re right; you don’t need that drama. Besides, couldn’t he have sent you an email if he really needed a response to something? He’s not worth the effort.

  16. People often project their own issues onto others. Sad but true. I don’t know you personally but from reading your blog, I’ve never found you arrogant or stuck up. Opinioned, absolutely. Don’t sweat it.

    You’ve always responded to my replies or inquiries. Maybe I’m just special and that other jerk isn’t? Lol

  17. Based solely on the interaction that we had with you and the Husbear last year at Southern Decadence, I feel safe in saying that you are neither stuck up nor arrogant. Your blog posts are always down-to-earth and, very much more often than not, quite funny.

    That poor ignorant douche is not worth your time.

    Just take another deep breath and forget about him.

    1. Thank you. I attempt to be myself out here just like I am in real life.

      I have breathed, and finally let it go. I’m sure it might surface again, being insecure like I am, but at least I know it’s not true.

  18. I want to join the conga line of upset at this person. the previous commenters have said is all. Nasty words don’t belong in FB: and no gentleman says things like that.

  19. Hi there. I came across your blog via Sean’s Idle Eyes blog. One of the issues with social network sites is that they attract people with personality issues that like to cause drama, which sounds like the fool you described in your blog. He’s never met you (i’m assuming), doesn’t know you personally, yet he thinks he has you figured out based on the fact that you didn’t respond to one of his comments or e-mails at lightnight speed. I suspect this person has very few friends in real life if he’s so quick to make assumptions and judgements. I don’t know how old this guy is but his behavior seems very 12 year old. Thankfully the delete feature was created, which is exactly how to deal with drama queens like him.

    1. First, welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

      You’re correct on all points that I can answer in regards to Señor Drama. I’m glad for the delete feature, it’s just sad I had to use it.

  20. I know “EXACTLY” who this guy is (initials S.S.H.) and I know exactly how you feel. He did the same thing to me a couple of months ago in that he accused me of being arrogant and stuck on myself because I didn’t reply to a comment he made on one of my FB posts. Unless a comment requires a specific response or asks a question, I typically don’t reply. He later posted on my FB wall that he passed me on the road one day and that I completely ignored him, which is utterly ridiculous given the fact that I’ve never physically laid eyes on the guy. I finally had to un-friend and block him on FB so that he couldn’t contact me anymore.

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