Some of you might have seen my Instagram post this morning. The Husbear was going out to the truck to go run some errands early this morning, and found the inside of the truck had been ransacked. He looked over in the car, and the same thing. *grumble*

Apparently someone, or ones, decided to pilfer through our vehicles last night. We live in the country. Down a dirt road. It’s rare the Husbear locks his vehicle, but I almost always do. Or both if I think about it. I am fairly certain I locked the car when I arrived home yesterday, but can’t be 100% certain. Either way, they got in both vehicles. Luckily there wasn’t much in the vehicles. They took all the loose change, sunglasses, the iPhone adapters and accessories, and a radar detector. *grumble*

The dogs didn’t bark. Or if they did, neither one of us heard them. And the cats weren’t too helpful either.

I called the Pea Ridge Police Department and reported the incident. The FIRST officer arrived in about 10 minutes, if even that. The Detective arrived a minute or two later. And then the Captain arrived a few minutes after that. Must have been a light morning today.

I reported what happened. And think I threw the officer for a loop when, after he asked about my wife, I corrected him that my husband was the one who found the burgle, and that he had to leave before they arrived to run errands for his business. Maybe we’re the first gay couple he’s met in this little town? They took the report, and then the Detective and the Captain left. I talked to the officer for a bit about tattoos (since he could see mine), and then he left.

A little frazzled, and upset, I headed off to the studio. I rearranged my evening tattoo appointment, left the studio early after completing my first appointment, and went to Lowe’s to purchased several outdoor motion-activated security lights.

Surprise, surprise, surprise...
Surprise, surprise, surprise…

I installed both the hard-wired and solar-powered security lights in various places around the house and yard. Hopefully that will shine a little light on the subjects if they attempt a repeat visit.

I also adjusted one of the indoor security cameras we have to cover the area where we park. I will add an actual outdoor security camera this weekend.

Maybe a little over-kill, but I’m all about catching bastards who do shit like this. Or at least making their attempt a lot more difficult for them.

Until next time...

6 thoughts on “Carburgled

  1. Didn’t they know they were supposed to slit the steering wheel and dash open and steal the airbags? Eh, sounds like teenagers, to me. Probably getting up to some Halloweenie-style “pranks”. Sorry it happened to you! But those outside lights are probably a good basic idea, anyway. Don’t be surprised at first if they seem to come on for no reason; blame the four-footed creatures of the night. Oh, and make sure your new barn is secure, too.

  2. Lights, cameras, action – they are lucky in the country you didn’t hear them and shoot, I bet you have neighbors who would shoot first and ask questions later. 10 more days and I can say “my husband” after 23 years of waiting.

  3. That happens often around here. Big city, lots of transients, lots of cars. They just walk down the street checking door handles and there you go. I’ve had mine ransacked when I’ve forgotten to lock it.

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