In an effort to become a little better at my blogging, I’ve decided to curb my Facebook usage.


I know: I’ve tried before and failed.

But I feel Facebook is one of the biggest reasons I’ve decreased my “meaningful” blogging in the last couple of years. Mostly because I can post a little random thought and not have to think about it in depth. Which is okay, I suppose. It’s what I used Twitter for back in the day. But I feel like currently it is hindering my creativity in word usage and thought. That, and the constant stream of other people’s consciousness gets a little heavy in my own brain at times. I can barely process my own thoughts without having to put my shields up constantly to block out other people’s thoughts. I can’t imagine what it would be like for a true telepath. Ugh.

To that end, I’m starting by deleting the Facebook app from my phone. That way I’m not tempted to post when I’m mobile (which is most of the time), nor will I be tempted to check the constant stream of human thoughts either when I could be doing something more productive.

Maybe this will help me focus a little better on other things.

Here’s hoping.

Until next time...

4 thoughts on “Curbing

  1. I love to read books. Really I do. But I find it hard in the past six months or so to find one that will hold my attention, because I am addicted to Facebook. Perhaps I will delete it from my phone……

  2. For selfish reasons I am glad to hear this, for I enjoy your more lengthy prose here in blog-land than on FB. This is not unique to you; most folks sound better here. except one of my uncles; FB keeps his entries mercifully succinct.

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