Finger Bang!

It looks like homer wasn’t the only person to get a finger poke this week. I was the proud recipient of said greased up finger today as well. AFTER having my balls fondled and squeezed for a bit. My doctor is apparently thorough when it comes to the family jewels. Then he politely asked me to turn around and rest my elbows on the table at which point he used the ice cold lube from hell to aid his finger insertion which found it’s way DEEP into my rectum. I think he found my tonsils. I know where my prostate is, but I think he was checking the dark side of the moon.

I went in for the results of some lab work from “The Great Blood Taking” last week and got surprised with having this physical as well. And a tetanus booster. And an EKG. All the lab work came back negative and normal, so that’s good.

I guess he’s just being “cautious” since I have no idea of what my family medical history is (I’m adopted).

Still, you think they would at least have lube that’s warm…

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12 thoughts on “Finger Bang!

  1. I probably have some weird medical history too. (I’m adopted paternally.)

    Sorry about your butthole nasties. But at least everything is healthy! That’s good.

    1. @bstewart23:
      I was “lucky” enough to have that procedure a few years ago. The only difference was I knew in advance what was coming…

  2. Thanks for all the good thoughts everyone! I too am glad everything is “thumbs up” as well. Now I just have to start exercising a little more than getting up from the computer to go pee.

    One would think these videos would end up on YouTube… but no…….

    Maybe they figured out that we know proper muscle control and wanted to see what it felt like?

    You think there would be a whole course on proper lube usage in doctor school… but apparently they don’t like to talk about butt sex. With fingers.

    I definitely need to steer clear of your doctor!!

  3. When he was checking your prostate, did you by chance notice if BOTH his hands were on your hips??

  4. i’m sorry but CB i actually laughed out loud. fuck you kill me. erik glad everything went ok. gotta say i’ve yet to receive my first prostate check but luckily my doctor is a raging ‘mo and, weirdly, takes tantric massage workshops in italy. i’m hoping that will help…..

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