Mac Daddy or Zak Daddy?

I stumbled upon this picture today:

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Holy cow! Khristofor Rossianov (a.k.a. Zak Spears) is all grown up!

I should say that I have the hots for Zak Spears now that he’s got the whole “daddy” look going on.

Here’s what Zak looked like way back in the old days.

I never was really a fan back then. Just wasn’t “my type”. But now? Well all I can say is “Helloooooo Nurse!”

And then I found the next picture.

Which makes me wonder… what do you think he’s about to say?

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I think he’s about to ask what the fastest route is to my tattoo studio. So he can get that scary weight-lifting Winnie the Pooh tattoo on his butt covered:

I would be willing to do it for trade…. šŸ˜‰

And now you probably know more about me than you really wanted to know.

Until next time...

12 thoughts on “Mac Daddy or Zak Daddy?

  1. I liked him when he was younger. He was an aggressive fuck. He would bottom, but he was an energetic top. He would be very vocal when fucking. I really like the way he looks now. I like the big hairy rough daddy types. Nice to see him again. Is he doing any new work?

  2. Yeah I saw a “film” with Zak a couple years ago ad he was entering beefy daddy phase. I didn’t even recognize him!

    I also may have involuntarily bent over for the tv image …

  3. yeah, he had been looking like this for a couple of years now. His last few films showed him as an aggressive hairy, bald, verbal top. He’s dreamy for real.

  4. I approve of this message. Not because I’m gay, but because, in the first picture, he is wearing a World of Warcraft cap. (That red symbol is for the Horde.)

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