Political Me?

My feelings on politics as expressed in the form of bad English and a cat:

I’ve never been very “political”. But I do go vote when the polls are open. The last few years I have often wondered why. Sure, being a small business owner, there are always local items I vote for or against if I feel they affect me.

But there’s this whole “Does my vote really matter?” question that always lingers in the back of my mind. As seen in the last few national elections—and a few local ones as well that have been seriously jacked up—I am starting to wonder. I remember civics in high school. I remember all the American history and political science classes in college.

As an “adult”, I know money really makes the world go round. The greasier the palm, the faster someone’s world spins… like getting an overly lubed reach-around. I know that most of what affects me in life is never on a ballot. It’s all about precedent. I don’t know if that’s me being cynical, or just paying attention to “reality”.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

It was just a snippet of thought I had at the moment. I blame the Crown.

Would it surprise you if I said I wasn’t a great writer?

Thank you for suffering through it.

Until next time...

7 thoughts on “Political Me?

  1. We’ve been told all of our lives by The Authorities, even when we weren’t of voting age, that our vote counts. In actuality, the shit they shuffle around every four years is meaningless. The country was bought and sold a long time ago and We The People are just playing out the string.

    You can’t blame politicians though. Afterall, they don’t float into our reality from some extradimension, birthed from some exterrestial vagina. They are Americans, taught in American schools, indoctrined in American religious institutions, work in American corporations – Americans, through and through.

    Any “issues” with politicians should be directed to the populace at large.

    Where my personal politics are concerned, I straddle the line between socialism and nonviolent anarchy. Democracy itself is the issue; voting, candidate selection, and party alignment are all quite beside the point.

  2. I dunno. I think you write pretty well.

    I hate that there isn’t a worthy candidate to vote for. And what’s with all this huge waste of money? Why are campaigns so expensive?

    Some days it doesn’t seem worth it to chew through the straps.

  3. I’ve taken a vote-the-bastards-out strategy for the last few years, no matter the party or position. I just wish I could get everyone on board with me, that’s change I could believe in.

    I, too, don’t understand how they can talk about how hard it is for the “middle class” and then tell me that they spent $XX millions of dollars in the last month.

    I don’t make enough money to be “middle class”.

  4. I like your writing because you get to the point. Too many people used 1000 words to write what can be said in 100.

    I’ve never been into politics either, and I didn’t really think I was into it that much this election but everyone that knows me in RL has commented on how much more political I’ve become so…

  5. Certainly your vote counts– especially given the close calls of some of our more recent elections.

    But you know what would count even more?? If you bought a voting machine and tampered with it!

  6. Your vote counts – you just have to make sure your vote GETS COUNTED. It’s time to go back to paper ballots.

    But, don’t worry we will muddle through like we always do. We’ve had eight years of insanity – now it’s time to move on.

    And for the record, I think you are an excellent writer, i.e. your post about coming out.

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