Snakes in the mutha-funkin’ house!

I forgot to post this earlier but last week the Husbear, via the kittehs, found this lovely creature inside the house behind the television stand.


It was about 4 feet long.

The kittehs, and the Husbear, have been skittish in the house since then.

We have no idea where it came in the house at. And we hope it’s the only one.

The joys of living in “the country”.

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11 thoughts on “Snakes in the mutha-funkin’ house!

  1. I would, of course, be freaked to see this bastard in my house… but I assure you it would be less of a reaction than when a giant cane spider invaded my hotel room in Maui. For some reason reptiles just don’t bother me as much as insects.

    Did you let the poor confused snake go… or was he bludgeoned to death with the fire poker after this photo was taken? 🙂

    1. We have our share of arachnids and insects. Way more than snakes for sure.

      I was sadly not home at the time to save the snake. The Husbear and his friend killed it by severing it’s head from it’s body with a shovel.

  2. Ew. I don’t mind snakes, and they are good at keeping the rodent population in check— but I don’t want them in my house.

    I hope you didn’t kill it– it looks like a bull snake or a rat snake

  3. Have him call me next time. I come collect the snake and take it far away to a new home so it can live.

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