Something I had to share.

Java of “my life, or something like it” shares A guest post by Superman in which he discusses homophobia, The Gay, and educating the unwashed masses.

Good reading. Go read it. Now.

And it makes me wonder about the people I know and if they do the same. Or if they take the easy road and stay quiet.

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2 thoughts on “Something I had to share.

  1. The only time I ever recall something like this coming up was when riding with my stepfather in the car. He and my brother got into a conversation about the “unnatural state” of being gay – my brother has since changed perspectives, in part because of my having conversations with him on various subjects, homosexuality included – and, after they went back and forth a few times, I laughed and explained how ridiculous they were. After mentioning that is was quite a bit of nonsense to think a group of people would welcome ridicule and harm (“the choice to be gay”), they begrudgingly agreed, and remained mum on the subject.

    My stepfather is an evangelical Christian (although not fire-and-brimstone-ish) and I’m fairly sure he still holds those ideas. (He also denies evolution, believes in a very narrow idea of God, and has had a few choice words to say about my atheism.)

    On the flip side, my brother has become more understanding of all sorts of things and generally has a “live and let live” mentality. I will take whatever progress I can find.

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