I had a late night at the tattoo studio last night. Afterwards, I had to fix a dripping water shutoff valve in the Husbear’s salon. Which ended up being a major chore. But I finally got it fixed, after replacing the water line. So much for an easy task.

I spent the early part of the day doing some more things around the Husbear’s salon: swapping some water lines, installing replacement hair washing sink parts, patching a few holes from a station move, and rerunning some lighting. A maintenance guy’s work is never done I suppose.

After that, I came home and was looking around. And I realized we have the strangest fauna around our home.

Some of the guineas walking across the front porch…

The young pheasant being all inquisitive…

And a lazy kitteh sleeping in the sun…

And then I spent the rest of the day at my computer catching up on blogs, listening to some ST:DS9 episodes, downloading some television episodes for the Husbear to watch, and writing this post.

And that was how I spent my day. So far.

Until next time...

4 thoughts on “Sun-days

  1. “And I realized we have the strangest fauna around our home.”

    Take it from a life-long cat lover, there is nothing strange about “a lazy kitteh sleeping in the sun.” 🙂

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