The Wettening

The rains started late Christmas night. And it’s still raining as I type these words. But it’s finally letting up.

I'm all about getting 7" or more, but this is ridiculous...
I’m all about getting 7″ or more, but this is ridiculous…

Between the tornado warnings and flash flood warnings, I’m really tired of hearing that Emergency Broadcast System tone over the last two days. We ventured out to my favorite watering hole Saturday afternoon/evening, and it was “funny” because the entire restaurant would squeal out with that sound as everyone’s phones would go off simultaneously.

The Husbear came home to this wonderful mess happening Saturday night.

This is, or was, our driveway. We just can’t seem to get it fixed.

And this is coming down from between my workshop and the chicken barn. The deluge was so great the embankments couldn’t contain all the water.

Water was also starting to come into the back of the house from the back patio, as the drainage couldn’t keep up with the deluge. But luckily he worked his magic and got that corrected quickly.

Sunday afternoon we ventured into town, and were greeted with this monstrosity.

Sugar Creek on the south side of Hwy 72
Sugar Creek on the south side of Hwy 72

Normally Little Sugar Creek is just that: a VERY little creek, without the sugar. Today, not so much.

When you enlarge this picture by clicking on it, you’ll see the tree line way off in the distance. That’s normally where this little creek sits.

Sugar Creek just south of Hwy 72
Sugar Creek just south of Hwy 72

What’s funny to me is that a developer wanted to fill this area with very high-end homes. That would have ended… badly.

Panoramic view of Sugar Creek just south of Hwy 72
Panoramic view of Sugar Creek just south of Hwy 72

Everything seemed to become a river around here.

There was so much rain and runoff that it actually ate out culverts. Not small culverts either, mind you. The one you see in this picture is 3′ in diameter.

Washout on Sugar Creek Road
Washout on Sugar Creek Road

And this is the normally dry creek bed in front of the house.

Somewhere downstream is most of our driveway. I guess we’ll be getting that fixed. Again.

There are many roads in the area that are closed due to bridges and culverts washing out, and some people are trapped in their homes because of that. So we lucked out there that only one end of our road was washed out.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to not be raining, so I’ll venture out on the property and see what other damage may have occurred.

Until next time...

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  1. WOW, that is crazy! And to think we’ve been complaining because of on/off rain for the last week. At least ours has been mostly light rain with some breaks in it – nothing like the flood-inducing rain you’ve gotten. Good luck reconstructing your driveway!

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