Good news, I guess?

They’ve ruled out the Polycythemia vera, in at least as far as I don’t have the gene mutation. It’s still a 10% possibility, but they don’t want to do the bone marrow extraction yet. They are now testing for other things it could be that are way more rare.

They still don’t know what is causing any of this blood thickening, which is a concern because it means I have a stupid high chance of having a stroke or clot. Especially in combo with the high blood pressure. And none of the medication has been bringing my blood pressure down at all. It was extremely high today.

The two red blood cell numbers that were high all this time came down a little after the last pint of blood removed, so they did another pint blood draw again and will see how that compares at the next appointment.

Until next time...

2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Hang in there Erik…Slow but sure…The doc will find what is causing this and you will back to your usual self…Now I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad…I know it is tiresome feeling the way you do…I will continue to think positive thoughts…Happy 2019 to you and the Hausbear…

  2. While it sucks to have ongoing maladies, it seems you are making some progress.
    It took me several Rx trials to bring down my HTN, so that is a common matter; you will find something. Thank you for posting your updates; we all love you.

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