23 thoughts on “Who knew I could look all… stoic? (Thanks to Mike for the picture.)

  1. Looks like the beginning of one of those horror flicks where people are gathered round the campfire while one tells the tale of a legendary act of horror that eventually turns out to be true when the killer/monster starts picking off the cast members.

    1. I don’t watch horror movies. At least not intentionally. My brain does a good enough job of creating that kind of stuff on it’s own.

      But it does look like the sort of imagery that a movie would start with.

  2. (Totally off topic… I apologize). You know this 12th is the magical 12-12-12. Wondering if you have anything special planned for your 12 on 12 post.

  3. I find this photo most enjoyable. In reference to your avoidance of horror movies, yep, we’re from the same cloth somewhere along the line.

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