13 Hours

Our buddy Dwayne came over from the other side of the state this weekend. To get away for a bit. And to get a tattoo. A memorial tattoo to honor his partner, Tory.

As a tattooist, I am not a fan of most memorial tattoos. For several reasons. The biggest reason is that over the years I have heard time and again from collectors that it can become a psychological burden to either the collector, or to the family of the collector who has to see it. Usually because a name and date is involved in the tattoo. Or because the tattoo doesn’t really represent the person it is supposed to be honoring. All things I try to discuss with clients when they come in for a memorial tattoo.

But Dwayne and I talked about the memorial tattoo multiple times since Tory’s passing in August, and I think this memorial tattoo is a good idea.

I originally tattooed this design on Tory in Jan 2011. Dwayne decided a mirror image of this tattoo on the opposite side would be a great way to honor Tory.

So that’s what we did on Saturday. And 13 hours later, we were finished.

Dwayne’s memorial tattoo for Tory.

It’s now the longest single-session tattoo I have done. Dwayne sat like a champ.

I had a lot of time to converse with Dwayne, and a lot of time to remember the conversations that Tory and I had when we did his tattoo. I think it might have even helped me a little deal with the fact that Tory is gone.

And I think it’s a great tribute.

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9 thoughts on “13 Hours

  1. Erik, that’s absolutely stunning. A fitting tribute to Tory, and something that creates an even greater bond between you and Dwyane. It’s perfect.

  2. That is a beautiful tattoo and a wonderful memorial to your friend and his partner. They are both lucky to have you as a part of their lifes, as I’m sure you feel the same about them.

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