Sunday Shindig

On Sunday, we had a little hoedown at the hacienda. It’s the first BBQ we’ve held at the house in the 10 years we’ve owned it. Since Dwayne was here visiting, we thought it would be a good time to bring some friends together for food and beverages.

The sun moving behind the trees, as viewed from the back porch.
Dwayne, Farmer and GypsyBiscuit having a moment.
MAG and Dwayne having a laughing moment.

I had a few other pictures of the other guests, which included our daughter and future son-in-law, the Husbear, Farmer’s husband, and our friend Michelle and her wife Amanda. Sadly those pictures didn’t turn out that well.

Hopefully a great time was had by all! I had a great time being with friends—no, I should use the word family. Because that’s what they are to me.

Yours truly. Possibly having a beverage.

Until next time...

9 thoughts on “Sunday Shindig

    1. I didn’t do the cooking, so I don’t know the answer to that. And I didn’t have to put any on the meat because it was cooked well and proper.

      But I can find out the answer to your question for you.

  1. Hooray for barbecue! Hooray for Hendricks gin & cucumbers! Hooray for wonderful patios & wood fires! Hooray for chosen family! Hooray for love!

  2. Why am I just now seeing this?!
    A great time *was* had by all. Thanks for inviting us. Looking forward to other parties at the estate. 😉

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