Monthly Archives: November 2007

When Bands Play… Naked?

I have no idea who this band is. I am guessing they are an alternative hard rock/punk/metal band—the mates in the picture appear to be wearing black nail polish?—but I can not be for certain.

When bands play naked?

Does the band play the whole set naked like this, or was it just for an encore? I am curious as to who would be in the crowd. I guess they might have a bear following?

Anyone have any details about them?

Until next time...

“300” Gets Gay(er)

I am not a fan of Madonna (that’s another gene I did not get), but… this is a well done video of the song “Vogue” and scenes from the movie “300”.

I could see this video playing in the hair salon.

I’ll be off the pager come tomorrow morning. I can’t wait! Even when the pager is quiet, you’re still on eggshells waiting for the damn thing to go off. Even with that distraction, I did manage to finish building and installing the new reception desk at the hair salon.

Until next time...